Day 3

25 Giugno 2019

1 Discart Assignes the Final Victory The results were finally published after the 3 races of the day. The results are clear and the Meringa… Read more

Day 2

24 Giugno 2019

3 Great Races at the 2nd Day The normal south wind Ora has been constant and 3 beatiful races have been sailed today! Results after… Read more

Day 1

23 Giugno 2019

Unfortunately, we had no chance of racing today. The sailors have been sent out at 13.00 but the wind didn’t reach enough strength. No racing… Read more

The sweetest regatta of the year!

The Meringa Cup!

The regatta is for the Optimist class and will be held in Campione del Garda from the 23rd to the 25th of June 2019.

You can read the notice of race and find all the requirements but what is more important… we have amazing prizes for the participants offered by our lovely sponsors:


Sails by Claudio De Martis
Bags Nautivela
Covers Nautivela
Kit Rudder e Centerboard
Vouchers Nautivela